Philippines : Bantayan Island, Cebu 🌴

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That’s a pretty though journey to go to Bantayan Island but it’s more than worth it. Almost a year after my visit there, I still wish I can go back ~

If you plan to visit this short but sweet island, I would suggest you staying around 5 days there, including both journeys from and to Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Why should you visit Bantayan Island ?

Well, have you ever wished seeing white sand beaches, blue sea waters and coconut trees, for a real bargain, without any other tourist on the island ? Then, you have found your paradise !

Locals are usually very friendly even though you have to bargain almost everything. They speak English. Don’t hesitate to ask the hotel staff for some pieces of information such as how to rent a scooter or the best restaurants on the island.

Moreover, from Bantayan Island, you can easily rent a private boat to go to the Virgin Island. You have to pay the beach entrance but it’s totally worth it, especially if you plan on doing snorkeling. A whole day  is enough for visiting and relaxing on this island.

You can also enjoy a full day at Ogtong Cave Resort. It is a small underground cave surrounding by restaurants, the white-sand beach and a swimming pool.

How to get there ?

First, you have to go the Philippines 🌴 , more exactly at the Mactan International Airport in Cebu. From there, take a taxi to the North Bus Terminal, then take a bus to Hagnaya Port for 3 hours. There are two types of buses : aircon and non aircon bus. Of course, non air-con bus is cheaper than the air-con one. However, you should choose which bus to get on depending on season and temperature. Finally, take a ferry to Sante Fe Port – Bantayan Island. It will last around 1 hour.

Yes, it’s a though journey.

Any pieces of advice ?

It’s better to bring some cash with you because the exchange rate is especially low on this island. Filipinos use pesos.

This whole 5-day trip cost me around 300 € (~ 322 $).

In order to rent an hotel, I think you should book a room on the Internet so that you can check best prices or any current sales first.

Make sure you know all regular rates before travelling to the Philippines.