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Last but not least, here’s the last article about my citytrip in Scandinavia ~

If you have any question, please feel free to ask me. I might have forgotten some pieces of information 😝

On our 4-day trip, we decided to go on a cruise. Actually, I totally recommend you this boat tour as you can visit the entire Denmark’s capital in a couple of hours.

It’s really cheap as it only costs 10-11 euros (80 DKK). Make sure to check their opening hours.



Those pictures were all taken during the short cruise. Make sure that there are two departures : one in Nyhavn and the other in Gammel Strand.

During the tour, you will see : the Little Mermaid, the Opera House, the Copenhagen Street Food and others.

Talking about the Copenhagen Street Food, I think it is my favorite place to go in Denmark’s capital. If you plan to visit Denmark, you should go there. Indeed, you will be able to taste Moroccan food, sushis 🍣, French cuisine, Brazilian dishes, Indian chicken and many others. Dessert is your life ? Well, you can also find cheesecakes and pancakes, yeah ! Average price for a single dish is 10 euros ~ (again 80 DKK) but totally worth it !


After eating well, you can have a walk to the Paludan’s Book & Cafe to enjoy a library cafe theme. It’s also very relaxing.

If you didn’t eat anything, you can enjoy some American Pancakes, a Parisian Burger or Chili con carne for a very affordable price. Expect to pay around 9 euros for big portions, which, I think, is totally fair. Very friendly for your wallet ! Moreover, you can also just have a coffee / brunch and appreciate this atmosphere.

Surroundings are very lovely as there is the University right next to Paludan. When we were enjoying our smoothie, a couple came in and took their wedding pictures there. How lovelyyy 😍👰🤵


Our last stop was the Rosenborg Castle.

Gardens, Royal Guards, the Castle itself … It’s picture-perfect. When it’s sunny, you can easily enjoy a walk. You may change your views of royalty. So glamour.


  • Copenhagen Street Food

PapirØen – Paper Island,
14 Trangravsvej
DK-1436 Copenhagen

  • Paludan’s Book & Cafe
Fiolstraede 10-12
  • Rosenborg Castle

Øster Voldgade 4A



SWEDEN 🇸🇪 : Is Malmö really worth it ?

Denmark, Sweden, Travelling

We spent our second day of our Scandinavian trip in Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden 🇸🇪

From Copenhagen to Malmö, we took the bus company called Flixbus and we spent 10 euros for that round trip.

Since the 10-euro ticket is the cheapest, we had to be at the Copenhagen Central Station at 7 am. The journey takes only one hour.




The arrival station is called Malmö Central station, duh. We sat there a little in order to have breakfast and a woman, probably under some drugs, started to talk to us. Of course, we didn’t understand a single word as we don’t talk Swedish but, oh my gad, two awesome policemen saved us and took her away.

As soon the incident ended, we decided to walk a bit since everything was closed. Malmö is a small city in which we totally felt safe and its cute streets are really similar to Antwerp, in Belgium.


I think I still prefer Malmö than Copenhaguen as I felt really more comfortable there. However, the city is REALLY small : indeed, it takes only two hours to visit really deeply Malmö.

So, what can you do there ?

  • Malmö Castle

Well, you got to pay the entrance ticket. The outside isn’t really

  • Turning Torso

You can have a look at the skyscraper from the Malmö Castle.

  • Øresundsbron

If you take the bus, then you’ll be on this bridge for sure.

  • Emporia Shopping Center


One of the biggest shopping centres in Sweden. There is Sephora and other Scandinavian brands where I had the chance to buy some HudaBeauty 💄 products.

As a result, there are not that much touristic or interesting places in Malmö but if you got some time, like a free afternoon, you should probably go there. Also, I think Sweden is a little bit cheaper than Denmark.. In the city centre, we ate some falafels and the most excellent humus I’ve ever eaten for 8 euros per person. DEFINITELY worth it. Good food is always worth it anyway.

If you have any tips concerning Sweden, please tell me, I’d be happy to read them 😍

Copenhagen 🇩🇰 : the first day

Denmark, Travelling

Copenhagen, a medium size city, also Denmark’s capital. We stayed there 3 nights in a good-looking flat and 4 days.

As we were looking for pieces of information on touristic places, we were questioning the lack of tips on the Internet.

However, when we arrive in the city centre, we directly understood : there is not that much things to do !

First day

Right after landing, we took our pieces of luggage and bought a 24-hour transport pass. It costs around 10 €. We also decided to change 💰 but the currency rate was not that good. As a result, we lost a couple of euros there.

The metro is inside the airport which makes it wayyy easier to use it. As there is no metro driver, we were very surprised. It definitely drives itself and its customers.

After a short 20-minute shuttle, we arrived in one of the most popular district : Nørrebro.

Well, from there, we still had to find the flat we rented. Using our 4G-data (thanks to our Belgian phone suscription and its roaming), we could easily make our way to our airbnb apartment.

Situated in Brønshøj and at another 20-minute bus drive, we were appreciating the 5C convenient bus ride until it started to rain 🐱 and 🐶.

We had to wait for our friend’s host but that was okay. When we entered the airbnb apartment, we were so much relieved because, you know, sometimes it can be surprising 😳

The flat was definitely the best I rented on airbnb website so far. I’m so thankful to my host 😍

During the first day, it was raining a lot. Thus, we decided to enjoy a short walk at the nearest mall called Frederiksberg Centret.

Well, you can find there common shops such as H&M and Sephora but danish ones are also part of this 3-floor mall. I don’t really think it is a must thing to do in Copenhagen.

From Frederiksberg Centret, we took a bus, using the map 🗺 we found at the airport, to Vesterbro where we could see Tivoli’s Garden and the Radhuset.

It was not really incredible. Nevertheless,I admit an unique danish architecture.


  • Airline

I would suggest you to travel to Copenhagen using Ryanair. Indeed, it surely has the cheapest tickets especially for a 2-hour short flight. Book at least 2 months in advance.

  • Hotel

A single night in a 2-people bedroom at a danish hotel costs more than three nights at an airbnb apartment.

  • Transport

If your stay is equal to 3 days or longer, buy a 72-hour pass.