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BEST concealer in the world !

After having tried a huuuuge amount of different concealers from brands like MAC, Make Up Forever, NYX, Dior and even a few from drug stores, I finally found THE one.

With a cheap price of 4,000 won (approximately 3 DOLLARS YESSSS), Nature Republic created this amazing life-saving concealer ! The most worth 3 dollars of my life !

I really have dark circles but the product is so good that I don’t even need a lot of it to cover everything. A few drops are definitely enough. As a result, the product itself doesn’t run out too soon. By using it every single day, I have been keeping this concealer up to 5 months.

Moreover, it lasts until the end of the day! It’s not waterproof though. Also, you should put some loose powder on it so that it can stay fix and not greasy.  Of course, it became part of my daily routine. Love love love ❤️

I was even luckier when I found a 1+1 sale in Jamsil station earlier this week.

Anyway, the concealer has a full coverage. The texture is liquid and it’s easy to blend. However, there are only two shades. Since the main target market is South-Korean citizen, this south-korean brand produced one white shade and a beige one.

I have this greasy acne skin which I, of course, treat well but still, I know my skin issues. When using pharmaceutical products, my skin goes from greasy to very dry. Indeed, it’s a difficult type of skin and finding a suitable concealer was pretty hard. Thank you NR !

The scent is very light so I guess there is slight (maybe none) perfume in it, which is awesome 👍🏼

No, Nature Republic doesn’t exist in Belgium and therefore, I should order it online 😩Since I’m going to leave pretty soon South Korea, I have to make a stock of those amazing concealers.
If you are in Korea, well, Nature Republic shops are literally everywhere so.. enjoy 💐